Our Strategy

Our strategy is to empower our clients with value, through both the valuation we provide and the price point of our services. Here’s how:

We understand that every situation is unique. Budgets, deadlines, and underlying needs are different for each of our clients. Which is why we believe in flexibility. Our flexibility is built into the variety and value of the customizable services we offer.

Thanks to our experienced, highly-qualified staff, we excel at problem solving and attention to detail. Plus, CFAs and physics majors are inherently good with numbers! Click “Meet Our Staff” for more info.

Delivering a thorough analysis is only possible with a clear, efficient process. For many clients, obtaining a valuation or financial damages analysis can seem like an intimidating task. Our process of information gathering, follow-up interviews, and data analysis  are clearly defined
and discussed with our clients. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, too.

When you work with us, you’ll see Empowering Value – not only in the bottom line of our analysis, but in your own bottom line as well.

  • Empowering through value


    ValueProfessional Advisors
    (Attorneys, CPAs, Business
    Bankers, Financial Advisors)


    Business Owners