“I want to thank you and your staff for your patience and completing this project in a professional and expeditious manner. Managing this estate with no Will, not married to spouse, no children and my lack of patience, has made it challenging. It has been refreshing to have this part handled so smoothly.  Thank you.”

 – September 2020 – From the personal representative of an estate that held a business, real estate and other assets


“Your report is terrific — it completely exceeded our expectations! We had no idea what to expect, but we never imagined that it would be so thorough. I can’t imagine that our bank would ask for anything more.”

– Michelle Fennimore, Vice President, Protech Composites. Vancouver, WA.


“Laura….just a great job! I read it all this morning and I actually learned something about my own company. I can see this as a process that would be beneficial for any company owner to have done in order to have another set of eyes look from a new perspective. If you ever need a referral, feel free to use my name.

I think it is perfect. I think the price is right.”

– Buzz Thielemann, Founder of RHT Energy Solutions. Medford, OR.  Included in Oregon’s Top 10 Best Companies to Work For and 100 Best Green Companies.


“Business valuations can range in quality, based on a whole range of presuppositions.  Ms. Markee applies the technical and academically best proven methods for determining valuation.  Moreover, when questioned about her methodology on cross examination at trial, …her answers were succinct, logical and correct.  Her work was timely and responsive to the individual considerations of my case.”

– In reference to expert testimony given in February 2013


“Working with Laura Markee was invaluable in terms of my confidence and peace of mind.  She was able to take a complicated situation and break it down to a level that was easy to understand. Her business performance analysis provided the mediators with necessary data to demonstrate that I had met my fiduciary responsibility as a trustee.”

-Dave McCulloch, Trustee


“Laura communicates in a way that individuals with and without a financial background can understand.  She delves deeper than the financial statements indicate to confidently determine the real value of a business.  Her thoughtful approach has allowed us to make investment decisions with confidence.”

-Sean Daoud, Treasurer, River Gate Scrap Metals. Portland, OR



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